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Auction Rules

  1. You must have a bidder card to bid.
  2. You must pay a deposit of $100.00 or 20% which ever is greater after you are the winning bidder. If the vehicle sells for under $100.00 you must pay for it in full at that time.
  3. If you buy more than one car you must put a deposit on each one.
  4. We do not take any checks! Cash or Credit Card only!
  5. When viewing the cars, you may not open the hoods or doors unless you ask a Good Buy Auction employee to assist you! This is for ALL customers, if we see you under the hood without permission, we will ask you to leave.
  6. We will not be responsible for any damage or theft from the auction vehicles after close of business on the day of the auction. We highly recommend that you take your purchased vehicle off our lot the day of sale
  7. Don’t bid on a car unless you want it! If you refuse to pay for any vehicle you will be escorted off the property and put on the Bad Bidder list and have to pay a $200.00 deposit at any other Good Buy Auto Auction
  8. We do not give any warranties at all!
  9. We do not give any refunds at all!
  10. We do not give any exchanges at all!
  11. Know what you are bidding on before you bid! Don’t get caught up in the bidding and pay more than you want to. Once you win the bid that is your vehicle! Please reread 8.9.10
  12. If we have an idea what is wrong with the car we will try and right it on the car, this is not a guarantee! There may be and probably are more problems than we could know.
  13. We cannot guarantee that the vehicle will start, run or drive after the auction.
  14. We do not do a safety inspection of these vehicles and do not give any guaranty of its roadworthiness
  15. If you are a dealer you must let us know when you register!
  16. If you plan on buying more than one(1) vehicle, see the registration window about getting a 900 number. In that way you pay all at the end.
  17. The Auctioneer has the final call on whom got the bid!
  18. Don’t try and jump in at the last minute you might not be seen and not get the bid. We are not perfect and may miss your bid so make sure you are seen!
  19. You must pay the remainder after the deposit no later than 4pm the next business day following the auction. No exceptions in this rule.
  20. You must pick up your vehicle no later than the second business day following the auction
  21. Failure to follow these simple rules may result in you being banned from bidding at any of our Auctions!


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