Where can I find the address of the auction and viewing times?
For auction locations and times, please visit the each site location .

What type of payment is expected and when?
We take payments after the auction and will accept cash, credit card, or cashiers check. Please contact the location by phone or form online for expected payment date.

No, we cannot accept any partial payments.

How do I view cars at the sale?
Please visit auction locations and click “Go To Auction…” for viewing catalog. Note: Some auctions have featured vehicles…

How to register to bid on-line?
Visit how to bid online and print instructions, then visit the site/location available online. After that, select go to auction button from one of the locations and click “Register Here” button.

When are your auctions?
The auctions dates vary by location, please go to auction locations for dates.

Who can attend or bid?
All auctions are open to the public, except for Chicago (Dealers Only). You must be 18 and and have identification as proof.

What can I expect to pay for a vehicle?
It is an auction, so it depends on who is there and who is willing to pay the highest bid.

What type of warranty is offered?
All vehicles are sold As Is.